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Bloomberg Philanthropies 2017 Mayors Challenge Survey

  1. The City of Hollywood is preparing an application for the Bloomberg Philanthropies 2017 Mayors Challenge. The 2017 Mayors Challenge is a nationwide ideas competition where cities compete for funding for an innovative idea to solve a problem within their city. The winning city is awarded $5 million dollars and four runner-up cities are awarded $1 million dollars respectively to assist with idea development and final implementation. A group of staff from across the City, along with Mayor Levy, recently took part in an Idea Accelerator Brainstorming Workshop facilitated by Bloomberg Philanthropies. The team went through a series of exercises throughout the day to identify an initiative. The following proposal is being considered:

  2. Mayors Challenge

  3. To create or develop new, innovative ways or a network to communicate with residents using technology, specifically by creating a Bluetooth wireless mesh network that provides connections for neighborhood kiosks to bring data to those who do not have the technology or means to cull information for themselves. The project can also provide an opportunity to stimulate resident engagement. News, information and emergency alerts could be provided to this hard-to-reach group independent of the power grid, cell or internet service. The proposed Bluetooth wireless mesh network could be used to communicate while allowing shared access to other Bluetooth compatible devices thereby strengthening the overall network.

  4. Please take a moment to fill out the brief Resident Survey below to share your thoughts on the proposal.

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