City of Hollywood Sanitation Customers

Changes to sanitation collections take effect October 1, 2020

City of Hollywood sanitation customers receive solid waste and recycling collection services provided by Waste Pro, USA. The Department of Public Works, Environmental Services Division oversees these services for the City’s single-family homes and duplexes. In partnership with Waste Pro USA, the City of Hollywood collects:

  • Garbage twice per week
  • Recycling once a week
  • Yard Waste (grass clippings, leaves, cuttings, fronds, limbs, etc.) collections once a week 
  • Bulk Waste (furniture, mattresses, appliances, household goods) collection once a month
  • Please note: Commingled collection ended September 30, 2020 
All collections begin at 7:00 a.m. except in the Beach District which begins at 8:00 a.m. Garbage containers can be placed out no sooner than 5:00 p.m. on the day prior to a scheduled service or no later than 7:00 a.m. on the day of scheduled service.

Collection Schedule

Click on the maps below and enter your address to see your Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste and Bulk Waste collection schedule.
Holiday Schedule
Garbage, recycling, yard waste and bulk waste materials are collected on all holidays except Christmas Day. There is no collection service on December 25th. Collection services resume according to the schedule on December 26th. Collection service is provided on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

Sanitation Rate Schedule

A new monthly sanitation fee for the collection, processing and disposal of solid waste, garbage, commingled waste and recyclable materials takes effect October 1, 2021. The new monthly rate for single family homes and duplex apartments is $45.00 for twice-weekly garbage collection, weekly recycling and yard waste collections, monthly bulk waste collections, material processing and disposal.

Annual increases to the rate will be determined based on contractual obligations and program administrative costs. Estimated increases are as follows: October 1, 2022: 3.56%; and October 1, 2023 - October 1, 2029: 2.50%, annually.

New Residents

Welcome to the City of Hollywood! Please ensure a utility account has been established in your name by calling Utility Billing Customer Service at 954.921.3938. Once your account has been established, please call Environmental Services at 954.967.4320 to request delivery of your new garbage and recycling carts.

Garbage Collection - Twice Weekly
  • Find your garbage collection day
  • All garbage must be bagged and tied before placing inside cart
  • All garbage must be inside the cart with the lid closed
  • Do not place anything on top of the closed lid or on the ground around the cart
  • Place carts in an open space away from fences, vehicles, utility poles and mailboxes at the edge of the street or alleyway so the truck can reach the container for collection.
  • The arrow located on the lid and metal bar on the front of the container must face out into the street or alleyway
Recycling mixed collection
Recycling Collection - Weekly
  • Find your recycling collection day
  • News papers, magazines, catalogs, paper, junk mail, cardboard, beverage cartons, aluminium and steel cans, glass food and beverage containers, brown, green and clear glass containers, plastic bottles and jugs, plastics marked #1 though #7
  • Remove and discard all caps and lids
  • Rinse out all containers before placing in cart
  • Do not put materials inside plastic bags
  • Recycle right. If you are not sure if something is recyclable, visit our Disposal and Recycling Directory


your brush (Small) (Medium)
Yard Waste Collections - Weekly
  • Find your yard waste collection day
  • Tree Trimmings - maximum 4ft in length
  • Loose leaves, brush and palm fronds
  • Grass clippings (use a clear bag)
  • Tree fruit
  • 4 cubic yards allowed. Over-sized piles will not be collected
  • Neatly stack your pile away from utility poles, water meters, etc.
bulk waste (Large)
Bulk Waste Collection - Monthly
  • Hazardous materials will not be collected (paint, tires, used oil, chemicals, pesticides, feces, propane gas tanks, or any automotive/boat components).
  • Construction materials will not be collected (drywall, cinder block, brick, floor tile, bathroom tile, roofing tile or shingles, concrete, wooden fencing, glass, rocks, plumbing, wiring, dirt and construction debris).

Rewards for Recycling! Sign Up Today!

City Partners with Waste Pro on New Rewards for Recycling Incentive Program

The Waste Pro Rewards recycling incentive program rewards residents with discounts to local and national businesses for their curbside recycling efforts. To register for your free rewards account, visit, and select Hollywood from the community options then follow the prompts to activate your account. It’s easy! For account activation assistance, please call 1.888.234.8211.

How Waste Pro Rewards works:

Registered accounts will receive an RFID sticker in the mail to be placed on your recycling bin. Each time you place your recycling cart out for collection the sticker will be automatically scanned to record your recycling activity. Scans will be uploaded weekly to your account with each collection earning 25 points which can be redeemed for a variety of rewards.  

RFID Sticker Placement Instructions

For active members with points from the City’s previous rewards program, your accrued points will automatically be rolled over to the new Waste Pro Rewards account, and will be immediately available for use. Email your program questions or visit WastePro website to register your account and view the array of rewards.


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