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What will the City look like in the future?

In February, more than 250 residents and business owners took part in a fast-paced, interactive, community visioning session at the Hollywood Beach Culture and Community Center. Co-founder of the Creative Cities Summit and author of For the Love of Cities, Peter Kageyama, along with innovation consultant Michelle Royal, led this community dialogue that challenged residents to consider their vision for the City and ways they could help make Hollywood a City in which residents truly love to live.

Vision Workshop


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This session kicked-off the City's Community Visioning process which will lead to the development an action plan for City government to help make that vision a reality.  In addition to developing a shared city-wide vision, the City is working with civic associations and neighborhood groups to update the Neighborhood Master Plans for each neighborhood in the City.SaveSaveSave

Here are a few things participants said they love most about living in Hollywood!

At the evening session residents voted to award a $500 grant for a "Glow in the Dark Sea Art" Community Project. Artist Kyle Harris is shown below with sample art as she tests a variety of paint options.

"Glow in the Dark Sea Art" Final Project

Volunteers came out in November, 2016 to the Harris Art Studio in Hollywood to help recycle 8 outdated event banners into community art! Volunteers created murals featuring scenes from the sea using glow in the dark paint as part of the "Glow-in-the-Dark Sea Art" community project. The recycled banners were hung at various parks and recreation facilities across the City in December, 2016. The community created art in parks is meant to enliven the spaces with underwater scenes that celebrate Hollywood's coastal location.