Cops Mentoring Kids Program

The Hollywood Police Department’s Cops Mentoring Kids Program was implemented in multiple elementary

schools throughout the City of Hollywood in 2015.

PAL holiday party- Sergeant Williams and kids

The Hollywood Police Department mentors meet with their mentees for a minimum of 30 minutes, at least once a week. During this time, the mentors can assist their mentees with their studies and their homework. The time spent between mentors and mentees is an excellent opportunity for the mentees to have one-on-one time with someone who is completely focused on them.

The purpose of the “Cops Mentoring Kids” program is to reach out to at-risk students and positively guide them with making good choices at school and in their lives.

Research on the “Cops Mentoring Kids” program has shown 52% mentored kids are less likely to skip a day of school, 46% are less likely to start using drugs, 33% are less likely to engage in violent behavior, and 27% are less likely to start drinking.

By having this program in our community, our goal is to reduce the amount of potential negative interactions the youth of our community may have with the police department, while also improving communication between our police officers and our community.