Green Team Advisory Committee

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The purpose of the Green Team Advisory Committee is to make recommendations to the City Commission on the development of environmental goals and the implementation of plans to reach those goals.  The Committee also promotes environmental awareness and Hollywood's environmental accomplishments. To see our current members and recent meeting minutes, visit the City Clerk's page

Green Building Ordinances -  The Green Team Advisory Committee worked closely with City staff to edit and improve the City’s Code in order to encourage green practices to be used in new developments and major renovations. The requirements and recommendations found in the City’s green building ordinances are consistent with LEED standards. Green buildings are an impactful way to address environmental issues. Buildings represent approximately 40% of all energy use and over 70% of all electricity consumption. In addition, people on average spend 90% of their time inside buildings. Green buildings costs less than their conventional counterparts over its lifetime because of energy and water savings. Green buildings also provide a healthier environment for their inhabitants. In addition, encouraging green building practices in Hollywood ensures that as we grow we are becoming the sustainable city we envision. Read more about our Green Building Ordinance here

Commercial Recycling Ordinance: As of October 2015, recycling is mandatory for commercial establishments and multi-family residences. The Green Team worked to develop this ordinance and is currently working with the recycling coordinator to develop guidance for facilities complying with the policy. Learn more about recycling in the City on the Public Works page

Annual Events

  • Funtastic Friday Goes Green - Every April the Green Team takes over Funtastic Friday adding environmental education and activities to the weekly family fun.
  • Arbor Day - The Green Team helps the City maintain their Tree City USA status by helping with the annual Arbor Day tree planting.
  • Environmental Speakers - Every year the Green Team hosts an environmental lecture open to the public to educate and inform on topics of interest and concern to Hollywood. Past speakers have included Dr. Jennifer Jurardo of Broward County and Caroline Lewis of the Cleo Institute.
    • 2018: Our Environmental Future: Borrowing From Our Future Generations - Views From Today's Young Leaders. VIDEO
    • 2017: A Bipartisan View: Moving Environmental Issues Forward in the Current Political Climate. VIDEO
    • 2016: From the Sawgrass to the Seagrass. VIDEO
    • 2015: Planning for Climate Change Resilience in Broward County. VIDEO