Lobbyist Registration

Registration as a lobbyist in the City of Hollywood is required if any person, firm, or corporation is being paid to lobby the City Commission on any petition or issue, pursuant to Section 30.15 of the Code of Ordinances. Learn more by clicking on one of the links below.

Per the City's Ordinance, effective August 1, 2016, each lobbyist shall pay to the City Clerk an annual registration fee in the amount of $100.00 for each principal or client identified on an annual or amended registration statement on whose behalf he or she intends to lobby, provided, however that a lobbyist shall not be required to pay this fee for any principal or client who does not compensate the lobbyist for his or her services.

Registration fees paid under this paragraph cover lobbying activities during the effective period of the registration statement. All required fees shall be paid prior to engaging in any lobbying activities after expiration of a registration statement.

Lobbyist registration is an online service and no physical product is being sold. Therefore, no shipping is required. Delivery of electronic notifications is done by email and/or on the website.

No refunds are offered for this required registration. Per the City Ordinance, partial year filing required. Discontinuance of lobbying activities during a year shall not relieve a lobbyist from the requirement of filing the statement for that portion of the year during which the lobbyist was engaged in lobbying activities.

Privacy Statement
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