Sexual Predators & Offenders

The City of Hollywood Police Department takes sexual predator notification and follow-up very seriously. If a designated sexual offender or predator moves into the City of Hollywood, a Hollywood Police Special Victims Detective will contact them immediately, as well conduct routine follow-up visits consistent with the provisions of state and federal standards such as the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children Registration Act, and Megan’s Law. The Hollywood Police Department maintains contact with the sexual offenders and predators as long as they reside within our city limits. You can find more information by reading the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act.

If you are aware of a designated sexual offender or predator that is residing within the City of Hollywood but has not registered their new address, or if you have knowledge of a sexual offender or predator that has moved out of the City of Hollywood without notifying law enforcement, please contact us immediately at 954.967.4411.  The Hollywood Police Criminal Investigations Division will conduct an immediate follow-up investigation to locate and/or file criminal charges against that person.  Anyone providing information can choose to remain anonymous.

To view further information regarding predators or offenders in our city, please click on the:

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Sexual Predator and Offender Database.

The Florida offender Alert System sends e-mail alerts when a registered sex offender moves into your neighborhood! Florida Offender Alert System Opens in new window


 If you are a designated sexual offender or predator looking to relocate to the City of Hollywood: It is your responsibility to educate yourself on and abide by the Code of Ordinance, Florida State Statute, and your registration obligations.  A detective will be assigned to monitor you, conduct address verifications, and ensure your compliance.  You will find residency restriction links below. In addition to these requirements, you are also required to register and provide information updates to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office located within the Broward County Courthouse at 201 SE 6th Street, Room 1145, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301. 


The City of Hollywood has enacted a City Ordinance that restricts the areas where registered sexual offenders may live. You can learn more about the Code of Ordinance Chapter 135 - Sexual Offender/Predator Residence Restrictions.
Florida State Statute Chapter 775 – Residency Restrictions for Persons Convicted of Certain Sex Offenses.
Designated offenders and predators should contact the Hollywood Police Department regarding the permissibility of a specific property address before relocation. To ensure compliance, contact Special Victims Sergeant D. McClintock at 954-967-4411 x 6125 or via email at
Here is where you can learn more about sex offender and sex predator permissible living areas.