Toilet Rebates

The City of Hollywood offers toilet rebates to Hollywood Water Customers who wish to replace older toilets with more efficient models. Rebates are for up to $100 of the cost of an EPA Watersense-labeled toilet only (taxes, installation, or accessories not included). Third-party Hollywood water customers (those who do not receive a water bill directly, e.g. most condo owners) must also have a bill-recipient sign their application so that they may be reimbursed by that third party for any credit received.

Application Process

Getting Your Rebate Is as Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Qualify.  Applicants receive a credit to their water bill and therefore must receive a City of Hollywood water bill, either directly or through a third party (e.g. Condo or HOA Board). 
2. Replace any toilet that uses 3 or more gallons per flush (pre-1992) with a new EPA WaterSense labeled high-efficiency toilet (HET).  Make sure to ask for a register receipt!

3. Complete. A toilet rebate application.  Make sure to attach all required elements including:
  • original receipt for the new toilet(s)
  • photo of the new toilet showing it has been installed
  • copy of City of Hollywood water bill for the account to be credited
  • original, signed application. 
Only complete applications with original receipts will be processed.

Rebate limitations: toilets purchased prior to 2015 are not eligible to receive a rebate. Single family homes may receive a maximum of 2 rebates; multi-family/commercial accounts please call ahead (954-967-4512) for pre-approval if wishing to apply for more than 10 rebates per location.

Once a complete application has been submitted, please allow 2-3 billing cycles for rebate credits to show on the water bill and check your bill for a credit prior to inquiring about your rebate status. 

This program is offered on a first come, first served basis, is subject to available funding and may be canceled, modified, suspended, discontinued or terminated at any time. For additional questions on the program, please call 954.967.4512 or email.

The City is a member of the Broward Water Partnership water conservation program known as "ConservationPays".  This program helps inform residents about the importance of year-round water conservation and any available county conservation incentives.

The City of Hollywood is also proud to be an EPA WaterSense partner. This designation is part of a continuous commitment to preserve and protect our valuable water resources for generations to come.

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