Traffic, Special Events and Neighborhood Officers

Special Operations Overview

Special Operations employs specially trained officers to handle Special Events and patrol the beach, Broadwalk and waterways. These officers help to identify and address neighborhood concerns such as traffic, boating and public safety. Members in each unit are trained and certified within their specific area of expertise. The Special Operations Unit is responsible for Crisis Negotiations, S.W.A.T., Field Force, Special Events and the detail office. 

To report Traffic or Neighborhood concerns, Boating Issues, or any concern in the Beach area, contact Hollywood Police Department Special Operations at 954.967.4567.

The following is a brief overview of each unit within Special Operations.

Beach Unit

The Beach Unit consists of officers permanently assigned to these areas. Officers work closely with business owners and residents to address the concerns of the Beach District. Officers patrol on bicycles, All Terrain Vehicles, and with traditional patrol vehicles when necessary. The following is a list of Officers assigned to this Unit:

Lieutenant John Switter:
Sergeant Sean Gerber:
Officer James Callari:
Officer Ryan McKirchy:
Officer Rosalyn LaHara:
Officer Steve Diefenbacher:
Officer Jonathan Fiallo:
Officer Alexis Ramirez:
Officer Jason Timmons:
Officer Joshua Triplett:


Downtown Unit

The Downtown Unit consists of officers permanently assigned to these areas. Officers work closely with business owners and residents to address the concerns of the Downtown Area. Officers patrol on foot, on bicycles, and with traditional patrol vehicles when necessary. The following is a list of Officers assigned to this Unit:

Lieutenant Andres Astacio:
Sergeant Dennis Wynne:
Officer Greg Brunetto:
Officer Mark Alford:
Officer Dwayne Chung:
Officer Robert Channer:
Officer Matthew Petty:

Special Events

Special Events is responsible for the coordination of all law enforcement services within the Hollywood Police Department pertaining to events. Officers work with outside vendors, customers, citizen promoters and other City Departments in the deployment of support equipment required for special events. The unit also provides police services for commercial, television and movie productions. This unit also processes applications for special parking requests, parades, demonstrations and assemblies. The following are downloadable forms for:
To address any non-emergency concerns regarding Special Events, please call the Special Events Office at 954.967.4567

Marine Unit

The Marine Unit enforces all state laws and City ordinances as they relate to marine safety and operations. Marine Unit officers routinely educate boaters stressing safety and operations. The Unit’s boats and skiff are an excellent means of providing comprehensive coverage of Hollywood's coastal and inland waterways.

The majority of the City’s waters are idle or slow speed zones. Idle Speed/No Wake is the most strict of all boating speeds. Idle Speed/No Wake requires all vessels to travel at the minimal speed to maintain navigational steerage. Slow Speed/Minimal Wake is the speed where the vessel is fully settled in the water, proceeding with a minimal wake.

The City has an Idle Speed/No Wake zone posted for “Manatee Protection” from the Sheridan Street Bridge north to Port Everglades. During the winter months one fourth of the entire South Florida Manatee population congregates within this area. The Florida Manatee is on the endangered species list.

BUI laws, also known as Boating Under the Influence, are very strict. The legal standard for impairment is .08 breath alcohol level.

The Marine Unit wants you to stay safe on the water. Make sure you have a PFD or personal flotation device for each person on board your vessel. Children under 6 years of age on vessels under 26’ must wear their PFD’S at all times.

Officer Robert Marren:

Traffic - Motors, Traffic Homicide Investigations and Hit & Run Investigations

The primary goal of the units within the Traffic Section are to reduce motor vehicle crashes within the City. The Traffic Unit investigates motor vehicle crashes as well as conducts traffic enforcement within high crash areas and areas where complaints are received. The Traffic Unit is also responsible for the orderly flow of traffic in the City.

The Motors Unit is the primary enforcement arm of the Traffic Division. The Hit & Run Investigations Unit conducts follow-up investigations of all crashes that occur in the city. They work in conjunction with officers in the Traffic Homicide Unit on fatality investigations. The Traffic Homicide Investigations Unit (THI) investigates all fatal traffic crashes. THI officers also patrol in unmarked vehicles specifically targeting drivers under the influence of alcohol/drugs and aggressive drivers.

Crisis Negotiation Team

In all critical incident situations, the protection of human life is the Agency’s top priority. Whenever possible, the Department will attempt to resolve critical incidents through communication and negotiation. The Crisis Negotiation Team is used in an attempt to contact hostage takers, barricaded persons, or other persons involved in a critical incident. Their objective is the resolution of the incident.


The Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) consists of Police Officers that provide specialized services in support of the Hollywood Police Department's mission. Their main goal is to provide protection and safety for innocent civilians and Police personnel while reducing the possibility of injuries or death at high risk incidents such as sniper situations, barricaded suspects, hostage situations, dignitary protection, civil disturbances, search & arrest warrants, armed suspects and narcotics raids. The Officer's assignment to the SWAT Team is voluntary and is an additional responsibility to their normal duties.

Dive Team

The Dive Team coordinates with the numerous divisions within the police department in the underwater search and recovery of vehicles/evidence. The Dive Team also works with the U.S. Coast Guard, and supports other state and local governmental agencies with the safeguarding of Port Everglades and numerous waterways in the city.

Hollywood police divers have certifications to include: Police/Public Safety Diver, Dive Master, Rescue Diver, Dive Accident Management, Oxygen Administration, Police Wreck Diving, Police Underwater Photography, Full Face Mask/Dry suit Diver.