Parking Locations

The City of Hollywood Office of Parking operates three parking garages and several parking lots in the downtown and Hollywood Beach areas. Daily parking is available to the public. The locations, hours, and fees are listed below.

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Beach Parking Locations

List of available beach public locations

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Downtown Parking Locations

List of downtown parking locations

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Private Parking Locations (Open to the Public)

List of private parking locations

*The City of Hollywood Office of Parking does not manage the operations of privately owned garages and lots. City parking permits are not valid at private parking locations. Rates may change without notice. 

Pre-Pay Rates Apply During Special Events in City Garages

Pre-pay parking (flat rate) applies during special events in the parking garages. Pre-pay mode allows parking operations to facilitate the efficient entry and exit from the parking facility. Drivers pay for parking upon arrival and avoid using a pay machine or cashier booth upon exit, which can cause some traffic congestion. Pre-pay rates vary based on the location of the event ($10 Downtown; $30 Beach) and are posted at the parking facility during special events.

For more information, please call 954.921.3535