City Street Light Upgrade

A welcoming neighborhood includes a well-lit street that improves pedestrian and vehicle visibility and a sense of personal security. When streets are properly lit, especially at crossings, it encourages residents to get out and walk, it improves security, and minimizes crime or vandalism. Over the past several years Florida Power and Light has been actively replacing traditional high-pressure sodium vapor (HPSV) fixtures with light emitting diode LED lighting. The transition is taking place as a way to improve light quality, increase visibility, and reduce energy costs. Now the City is doing the same with the more than 2,000 City-owned fixtures. 

A recent audit by NORESCO of City fixtures determined the number of fixtures, their existing conditions, ownership of the pole, and fixture type. 2,748 fixtures were identified as City-owned and in need of an update to LED. Replacement is set to being this fall, and while the pole itself will not change in most instances, the fixture will change to accommodate LED bulbs. Following the update residents will notice brighter, whiter light directed toward the street. 


For additional questions, contact Elisa (Alex) Iglesias or Nicole Heran at 954.921.3410


4TH QTR 2023

  • Driftwood
  • Emerald Hills/Lakes of Emerald Hills
  • Liberia
  • Hollywood Hills
  • North Central
  • Royal Poinciana

4TH QTR 2023/1ST QTR 2024

  • Hollywood Blvd/Bridge/Lakes
  • Hillcrest
  • Pembroke Road
  • Griffin Road
  • Port Everglades
  • City Owned Beach

1ST/2ND QTR 2024

  • Sheridan Street
  • Stirling Road
  • Taft Street
  • Art and Culture
  • Highland Gardens
  • Port 95
  • Parkside/Poinciana Park