Hollywood Centennial Celebration Committee


In 2025, The City of Hollywood will celebrate its 100th anniversary. This significant milestone in the City's history will be celebrated by commemorative events and programming. To assist with the planning for these events and activities between January 1, 2025, and December 31, 2025, the City desires to establish a Hollywood Centennial Celebration Committee ("HCCC'). The HCCC will also assist with soliciting for sponsorships and donations to provide financial assistance for such events and activities.

In order to garner a wide view of and receive necessary input from the entire community, the HCCC shall consist of 11 members comprised of a representative from each Commission District, a representative of the Hollywood Youth Ambassadors, a representative of the Hollywood Historical Society, a representative of the Art & Culture Center of Hollywood, an active member of a Hollywood Civic Association, and a representative of the Hollywood business community.

Additionally, the HCCC will have three staff liaisons consisting of a representative from the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts Department, the Office of Communications, Marketing and Economic Development and the Police Department.

Mike Wharton, Lead Staff Liaison, and Joann Hussey, Major Albert Cooper, Staff Liaisons.


Name Email Term Expires
District 1 Representative    
Andrew Ruffner Ruffner.ah@gmail.com 01/31/2026
District 2 Representative    
Kenneth Crawford   01/31/2026
District 3 Representative    
Tera Fasco Teralynncat@gmail.com 01/31/2026
District 4 Representative    
Lloyd Feinberg Lloyd @Lloydfeinberg.com 01/31/2023
District 5    
Rachelle Letaw Rachellerose218@gmail.com 01/31/2026
District 6 Representative    
Lois Morford Londonboond.jean@gmail.com 01/31/2026

Hollywood Youth Ambassadors

Hollywood Historical Society

Clive Taylor                                                                                      Clive_taylor@bellsouth.net                                                                                       

Art & Culture Center of Hollywood

Joy Satterlee                                                                                 Joy@artandculturecenter.org

Hollywood Civic Association

Thomas Lander                                                                           Tbikeland@gmail.com

Hollywood Business Community

Kathleen Drabik-DiBona                                                           DiBona@mac.com