Sewer Connection

The City of Hollywood is installing sewer lines in certain areas of the City. The City is pleased to offer low- and moderate-income residents a program that provides financial assistance to homeowners who are required to hook-up to the City sewer system. This program is funded through the City’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program and must adhere to CDBG rules.

Eligible Applicants

  • Eligible applicants must be a United States Citizens or legal residents eligible to receive federal assistance.
  • Eligible applicants shall not exceed CDBG program household income limits as certified by the City of Hollywood Community Development Division
  • Eligible applicants are residents that are required to hook-up to the City Sewer system.
  • Eligible applicants must own and occupy single-family homes as their principal residences and meet the following CDBG mandated household income limits adjusted for family size.

2020 Income Limits for Broward County

Family Size
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Max Income
$57,050 $64,200 $71,300
$88,450 $94,150

Eligible Properties

Eligible properties are Owner-occupied Single Family Detached Homes and Townhomes where the connection is specific to an individual property.
Eligible Activities
CDBG funding shall cover the installation cost of sewer connection including costs of abandonment of the septic tank and any required permits.


CDBG funds shall be provided in the form of zero percent (0%) interest deferred payment “Forgiveness Loans”. The Forgiveness Loans are secured by a mortgage and promissory note that is forgiven after five (5) years of continued residency as the principal residences of the applicants. Furthermore, no payments are due on the loans during the five (5) year period.
Contractor Selection
The City shall create a scope of work that shall be reviewed by the homeowner. The City shall solicit three (3) bids from approved contractors and select the lowest responsible bid. When the contractor has completed the work, the City shall pay the contractor directly and transfer funds to cover the homeowner’s connection fees.
Application Process
To apply for the CDBG Sewer Connection Program contact Anthony Grisby at 954.924.2958 or by email at You may also contact our main number at 954.921.3271.