Hollywood Transit and Mobility Options

Mobility is a core element of sustainability.  The ability to move people by multiple methods in addition to single passenger vehicles provides many benefits. Downtowns and commercial areas benefit from more people on the street walking, biking, or waiting for transit. An aging population benefits from options that allow them to maintain independence and mobility even as it loses its ability to drive. Families benefit economically when they are able to reduce vehicle trips or opt out of car ownership entirely. More young people are choosing to live places where they do not need to own a car and visitors are looking for destinations they can traverse without a car.

In addition to all of the above stated benefits, getting people out of cars improves health, improves air quality, reduces traffic, and reduces carbon emissions.

How can you get to and around Hollywood without a car?  Try a combination of the below options.



The TRIRAIL connects Hollywood to the larger tri-county region. Hollywood employees and residents can get to and from work and home via the regional train. The Tri-Rail can bring visitors to Hollywood hotels, restaurants, and destinations from three different international airports. Hollywood is home to two Tri-Rail stations, one on Hollywood Blvd and one on Sheridan St.  Many employees, including City employees, can take advantage of the Employer Discount Program

Look for news and updates about the proposed
Coastal Link train to connect regional downtowns via the eastern FEC tracks. 

Once you arrive in Hollywood via the Tri Rail, you immediately have a choice between the Broward County Transit System or the Hollywood Train to Trolley Shuttle.


Broward County Transit (BCT) runs nine routes through Hollywood that can be used to get around the City and connect to other local destinations. In addition to these nine routes, BCT offers the 441 and US1 Breeze busses and the 95express bus designed specifically for work commutes.  


The Hollywood CRA runs two services, the Hollywood Trolley and the Train to Trolley Shuttle. The Trolley connects destinations downtown and on the beach, allowing visitors and residents alike to easily access all the amenities of these two areas. Save money and time searching for parking by using the Trolley for your beach day.  With one bus leaving every 30 minutes and over a dozen stops, the Trolley is a great way to avoid traffic and stress. The Train to Trolley Shuttle connects the trolley routes to Western Hollywood and other communities. Travelling between 35th Ave and Arts Park, the Shuttle is a great way for visitors or employees to get downtown or to the beach from the Tri-Rail and a great opportunity for residents in our western neighborhoods to get to the beach.

The best part?  The CRA runs a Trolley Tracker App so that you never have to wait!

​Hallandale Beach Community Mini Bus Service

The Hallandale Beach community mini-bus has one stop in Young Circle on its Route 1. Visitors coming from Hallandale Beach can hop off the mini bus and on to the Hollywood Trolley to explore downtown and the beach or on to our shuttle to get to the TriRail Station.

Not sure the best combination of transit to use for your trip?
Try using Google Transit to plan your route. 

Walk or Bike

Walking and Biking do even more to enhance the vibrancy of a community, improve health, and the environment.  The City of Hollywood is committed to improving infrastructure for biking and walking.  The City adopted a Complete Streets policy and has several projects in development. Complete streets create space within the streetscape for all forms of mobility including personal vehicles and transit as well as cycling and walking.

Try riding your bike today.  Use the Broward Bicycle Suitability Map to plan your route. Don’t have a bike? Rent a BCycle bike at one of the stations on the beach. 


Have you been riding transit or using the BCycles? Next time, post on social media about your experience and use #SEENBEINGGREEN!

photo credit wlrn.org