Property and Evidence


The Property and Evidence Unit hours are 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Lost and Found

The below listed found items have been turned into the Hollywood Police Department.  The items will be held for 90 days.  If any of the item(s) belong to you, contact the Property Unit at 954-967-4620 (Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.).  The list of these items is also posted monthly inside the lobby of the Hollywood Police Department.  You will be required to provide proper identification in order to claim your item(s). 

Any item(s) that go unclaimed after 90 days of this posting will be confiscated, destroyed or sold at public auction per Chapter 705.103 of the State of Florida Statues.

Can I claim lost property that I found?

With regard to "Found Property," if the rightful owner cannot be found, pursuant to Florida State Statute 705.102, the citizen who found the item has the option to make a claim to the property. If the citizen wishes to make a claim, the citizen will be instructed that within three business days they must: 

1. Place the Department on notice by contacting the Department's Property and Evidence Unit.

2. Pay a $25 deposit to the Department's Central Records to cover the cost of transportation, storage and publication notice. Such deposit will be reimbursed to the citizen by the rightful owner if they reclaim the property.

Letter to Owner of Property

6/3/2019 Rodman Street Helene M. Colas Firearm, holster, magazines 205643
6/4/2019 Jackson Street Julio Samaniego Black wallet 206063-206066
6/4/2019 Jackson Street Julio Samaniego Firearm, holster, magazines 206067-206069
6/8/2019 Adams Street Toni Wellington Purse with contents 206245
6/8/2019 North 38th Avenue Katherine Buitrago Colombia passport 206300
6/9/2019 Flagler Street Calvin Coolidge Firearm 206620
6/10/2019 Hollywood Boulevard Daniel Martinez iPhone 206296
6/11/2019 Taft Street Unknown BB guns 206475
6/12/2019 Filmore Street Unknow Firearm 206519
6/15/2019 South State Road 7 Osniel Gavilan Cash 206622
6/15/2019 Mayo Street Jeralal Pierce Firearm 2066376
6/17/2019 North Federal Highway Nicholas Fiskey Folding knife 206740
6/18/2019 South 24th Avenue Unknown Backpack with contents 206896
6/19/2019 Grant Street Nataly Posso Wallet with contents 207112-207114
6/19/2019 Grant Street Mayra Quito Passport and wallet 207091
6/20/2019 Roosevelt Street Cory Butts Bicycle 207057
6/20/2019 Eaton Street Unknown Pellet gun 207195
6/20/2019 Van Buren Street Jeffrey Dietz Cart and duffel bag 207095, 207096
6/20/2019 Mayo Street Elvert Williams Firearms 207191
6/20/2019 Johnson Street Malt Cudd Wallet with contents 208050-208053
6/21/2019 Dewey Street Unknown Bicycle 207339
6/22/2019 North Ocean Drive James Martin Waller with contents 207283
6/26/2019 Hollywood Boulevard Mac Monestime Gym bag with misc. clothes 207940-207942
6/30/2019 Mosely Street Daniel Czmyr Bicycle 208107
6/30/2019 North State Road 7 Alan Moskovitz Nylon bag with contents 208121